Pam Waggoner | LISD School Board

Why I serve on Leander ISD School Board!

    I have always been community oriented, so I gravitate towards organizations and boards that not only benefit children, but make their communities better.

   Serving on a school board allows me to have a voice for children who do not have a voice. When the political agenda is to continue to move away from public education, it is important that you and I speak up and remind our leaders that over 5 million children are depending on us. Public schools are asked to do more than just educate our students. We are asked to provide meals for them when they have no food at home, be the eyes and ears for children who are abused or suffering from mental issues, and be on guard for any bullying issues. In Leander ISD, we take this charge very seriously.

   This does not take away from our number one job: Preparing our students for college or a career ready education. Our guiding documents - The Learning Model, 10 Ethical Principles, and the Graduate Profile – are the foundations we want our students to leave our system knowing to live a productive, successful life.

   We have such potential to really look at new teaching models and new ways to deliver this kind of education with a new superintendent being named. We will be able to learn from other experiences and a fresh perspective for Leander ISD. This excites me and is vital that a stable school board surrounds the new superintendent allowing him to focus on the district and our children.

   A school board trustee’s priority is governance of the school district. This is different from management of a school district. The superintendent manages and the board oversees policy and regulations and the budget. This allows for a highly functioning district, which we have, and other school boards are quite envious. Leander ISD is not without challenges. The biggest one is and has always been growth. Now, it is certainly better to be a growing school district than a declining school district, but with growth comes the need for new buildings, new fixtures, more buses, new expenses. We have had meaningful and important conversations regarding growth which I will address in this website. What I want to leave you with is this:

   Leander ISD is in good financial shape with a ten year budget plan in place. We are in good shape academically with our scores above State averages. Our extra-curricular programs are so special and recognized all over the STATE. We are a destination district and our future is bright. We have the opportunity to be number one in all areas in the next few years. Please join me on this path. I ask for your vote for Place 3, Leander ISD Board of Trustees.